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Our Journey So Far

2023 was a year of stealth, research and meticulous development for us. As we prepare to introduce Socket to the world, our strategy involves an approach to market entry that focuses on deep customer engagement and a controlled launch.

The Socket Approach: Balance and Vision

Our intention with Socket is to provide value out of the box with our initial offering and take you on an exciting journey towards our expansive future vision. We aim to address the gaps in current accounting solutions, offering a fresh perspective for small accounting and bookkeeping firms.

We’re starting with Proposals and Letters of Engagement - it’s where your client journey begins.

Engaging Early Adopters

If you’re a Xero-focused accounting or bookkeeping firm based in the UK then let’s chat. Our initial roadmap is tailored to resonate with you, and we’re keen to understand your unique challenges and needs.

Recruiting ideal customers for our pilot is a priority. We're not just building a client base; we're fostering a community of early adopters who are integral to shaping Socket's journey.

Through targeted conversations, we plan to learn what tools you’re currently using, and what you like and dislike about them. This direct feedback will be invaluable in refining Socket and developing a system that truly meet your needs.

Onboarding with Care

Onboarding you to Socket is more than just a process; it's an opportunity to build relationships and gather insights. Our hands-on approach ensures we maximise learning from each interaction.

Quality Takes Time

We embrace the philosophy that developing a high-quality product like Socket takes time. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and we believe our customers appreciate this dedication to quality and attention to detail.

Join the Socket Revolution

As we step out of stealth mode and into the limelight, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Socket is more than a product; it's a new way of thinking about accounting software. A way that will enable your business to power up.

Interested? You can join our waiting list below.

Speak soon,

Jon and the Socket Team

To ensure you can start benefitting from Socket quickly and seamlessly, our team is working closely with every practice we onboard. Due to high levels of interest we have introduced a waitlist to ensure a high quality onboarding service.

Intrigued? Join the waitlist.

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